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How to write a CV?

The summary of a person’s honor, awards, professional activities, publications, employment, and education called a CV or Curriculum Vitae. Always try to keep your resume to one full page, but if you have a long list of impressive projects or clients, or are an academic, or become an executive, you can add more pages. But for now, one page.


1. Use a standard and simple font.

2. Depending on the CV length, use 10-12 point font.

3. To pinpoint objectives and skills, as an executive/professional summary.

4. 1 inch of margins between lines is fine.

5. Use a standard resume paper to print your resume and to make your CV stand out over others, This paper is a different from the other regular print documents.


2. Don’t fill less than 1 page or ever use more than 3 pages.

1. Don’t Overuse italics, Bold fonts and a lot of colors.

4. The cover letter is an introduction of an employee. Don’t submit a resume without a cover letter.

3. Tailor your resume to the specific requirements needed every time. Don’t submit the same resume for every job.

5. Don’t fudge, fluff, add, stretch, embellish, Lie, or put anything extra deceiving in a CV.

Below you can see a free sample CV, which anyone can use to apply for a position in scientific, research, or academia field. We designed this Curriculum Vitae Template below with this purpose in mind. Preview and download link of this free CV Template Word are below,

CV Template Word

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