Functional Resume Template

This functional resume template developed with MS Word highlights your capabilities, such as leadership and hiring, before your chronological work history. You can also use this template to craft your own standard functional resume. This resume presents your information quickly, plainly, and in a way that makes feel your experience appropriate to the position requirement. That means compressing your information to its most prevailing form. Firstly, examine your career aspects and decide to edit it according to the kind of job needed.

How to write a Functional Resume

Starting off your functional resume, first you have to write your full name with contact number and email id. This will follow the objective, where you have to what is your aim for the future.

The next step will cover your profile where you have to create a friendly environment by explaining what your skills are and what your desires are.

After that you have to add in details about professional experience which will tell and reflect your current personality. This is where you will tell what organizations you have worked with and on which post?

Lastly, you will add your educational background and accompanying it with what grades did you pass from.

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Functional Resume Sample

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