Software Engineer Resume

Selling your professional expertise to the right recruiting manager is the main purpose of a resume. The first “advertisement” of your expertise and skills that a hiring manager will see in a resume is professional profile, summary statement, or career objective. The above skills have a slightly different feel and intent.

To tell hiring managers about the position you were looking for by adding the career objective is an old fashion. This trend has been changed and now a professional profile or a summary statement in place of the objective is in trend. However, you can include both a summary and an objective. The profile statement and summary do essentially the same thing. Usually a short paragraph or a few bullet points can restate the key points of your resume which called a summary statement. A simple and sample resume is here for Software Engineers.

This may seem like ordinary sense, but it is the Software engineer resume template designed with Microsoft Word where the relevant parts of work experience can be described in a long list. This resume is to the point and relevant to get noticed. Extracurricular activities are important when you’re a having an entry level applicant. Mention any activity accomplished with University related companies, along with your responsibilities and role. Working as a camp analyst or coach can also be added here.

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