College Graduate Resume

It’s really a challenge for recent graduates and college students to figure out that how to start their resume. Mostly college students don’t have any employment history and many employers don’t accept any new employee without any experience, but on the other hand, many employers don’t expect you to have an extensive employment history or a significant work experience because they knew that you are a fresh graduate and you are at the beginning of your career. But this also doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to include in your resume.

You can include in your resume about your part-time jobs, internships, work study job’s detail. You can also mention about your qualities and personality, leadership positions, extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities.

Use this College graduate resume designed with MS Word to describe your personal profile, education, previous job experience and other activities to build a great post graduate resume. This sample resume template will give you a quick start on making an optimized and effective resume for your job submission. You can feel free to modify and edit this resume as per your requirement for job submission. It is hoped that this resume will go a long way in representing your abilities and skill sets proficiently.

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College Graduate Resume Template

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