Office Assistant Resume

Office Assistants maintain offices and perform their job in multiple ways. They edit and proofread documents, organize schedules of meeting and travel arrangements, answer phones, use copy and fax machines, and handle files and HR documents. They perform projects like contact volunteers and recruits, coordinate all of these activities with the managers and mail campaigns. They can also organize annual event, monthly event, and award events.

If you are applying for an Office Assistant position, your resume should contain the information about secretarial skills, related experience and education, computer knowledge, and customer service capabilities.

Performing regular work, answering guests, typing memos, and clerical work is not enough for a modern Office Assistant now. He is responsible for much more. He/She must be proficient in using MS Word, MS Excel and other computer programs, well organized, able to deal with co-workers and clients in a efficient and pleasant manner. To increase the chances of consideration, You must mention all of these attributes in your resume. You can use our following editable Office Assistant Resume Sample along with a cover letter.

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Office Assistant Resume

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