Entry Level Resume Template

It will be more general when you are writing a resume for an entry level job. It can be difficult to write a resume for an entry level job. If its your first full-time job, You may feel like you have no information or less information to include in your resume. But still there are plenty of relevant details, even if you have no or little work experience. Perhaps, You can include all your past small experiences like volunteer work, internships, and summer jobs. You can also demonstrate your teaching skills, as well as responsibilities.

What to Include on an Entry Level Resume

Important elements which you can include in your entry level resume are described below:

Work experience: All sorts of past experience are suitable to list, including volunteer positions, internships, and summer jobs. Extracurricular activities can also be included in a resume.

Contact information: It’s easy for hiring managers to get in touch if you have provided your phone, email and other contact detail. Try to add a professional email address like firstname.lastname@gmail.com.

Skills: Include proficiency level with computer software and programs, specially provide your expertise in MS office software, the languages you can speak, and anything else that might be helpful in the workplace.

Education: Always include your GPA, relevant coursework, online certifications, and your degrees. Please note that if your GPA is low, don’t mention in your resume.

Always remember to highlight your achievements in education as well as sports activities. This Entry level resume template developed with MS Word is perfect for entry-level job-seekers, who are looking to submit a professional, polished resume to a potential employer.

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Entry Level Resume Template

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