Receptionist Resume Sample

If you are applying for a position of a receptionist, you must have a good phone manner. This position is among the five most in-demand professionals in administrative field across the US. To find a receptionist job is easier compare to any other job but still you need a professional resume to apply for this post. A receptionist answers the phone and greets visitors. They can perform other duties as well, according to the type of organization or firm structure such as answering questions, making appointments, organizational activities, common office duties and typing. You must mention your MS office experience or skills in resume. Your resume is a brief summary of your skill set, education, relevant qualifications, experiences, and other pertinent information.

Follow the following guidelines in resume for receptionist position:

• Mention quantified achievements of the candidate
• Highlight the candidate’s qualifications using tables and short bullets
• Write only about the relevant abilities and skills
• Previous job descriptions in small paragraph

The following receptionist resume sample is a great place to start. This resume has no set format, but contain all the sections and information which should be present in a receptionist resume. To support your resume, include a receptionist Cover Letter as well.

Does your resume respond the call when it comes to assigning your skills? Look into this Receptionist Resume Sample made with MS Word to see how to arrange the mainly of your experience. This resume is a brief review of your professional qualifications and achievements. It is a job hunters’ first impression leading the prospective employer. Hence, this resume template is well presented, taking heed of the format, contents and layout as well. In order to create an effectual resume template, you should follow certain norms. To stand out from the competition, make sure you highlight the following eight skills in your resume.

• Communication
• Multitasking
• Prioritizing
• Organization
• Technical skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Problem-solving abilities
• Dependability

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