Professional Simple CV

All potential employers looking for one thing – a document (resume, CV or curriculum vitae) that proves why you are the ideal candidate to invest their money and time in. Your resume should be a unique, eye catching that make you stand out from the other candidate.

Please note that there is not any no standard format for a CV but your CV should cover these elements,

Personal statement – Insert your main skills related to the job you are applying for to show the employers that why and how you meet their needs. Be careful not to write too much for personal statement. Just one paragraph is enough for getting the immediate attention of your entices and reader to find out more about you.

Your details – Include your address, name, email address and phone numbers so anyone interested employers can contact you easily. Driving license, age, nationality and material status are optional.

Education – Provide brief details of professional and academic qualifications along with the grades you achieved in reverse chronological order. Since leaving education, If you’re looking for your first job, then mention this information above any work experience.

Hobbies and interests – This part of the CV is optional. Just use this part to fill up the space of the CV at the end of the document.

Skills – You will have picked up many skills over the years, whether you realize it or not. Include any foreign language skills you have gained, Include every IT program or package you have used as well, and the expertise level, whether you are at an advanced, basic or intermediate level. Don’t forget to mention your communication skills.

Work experience – In reverse chronological order, mention your recent work experiences, including the location, name, dates of your employment, and website for each company you have worked for. Use bullet points to mention each company and highlight your achievements and responsibilities with a job description for each job.

References – You should state that referees’ details are available on request. It’s a good idea to nominate mentors or tutors, if this is your first job.

Always keep your CV clean and simple. Talk about yourself in a positive way, be confident, and be bold. Following is the preview and download link of Professional Simple CV,

Professional Simple CV

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