Sample Accounting Resume

You can call an accountant a unseen warrior of the office, balancing budgets and sorting through the numbers to ensure everything runs smoothly. You should follow the following guidelines to write a structured accounting resume. You can find a lot of resumes on the internet, but they do not provide much detail to help you to create your own professional resume. Include the following sections in your resume:


Those candidates who are less experienced should include an objective on their accounting resume. Don’t write paragraphs in this section, just write one concise sentence which states the main goal of the applicant.

Contact Details

Include your email address, cell phone number, landline number and your full name, Also include your complete address. If you are student, don’t forget to mention your both university and home addresses.


Include a profile in your accounting resume, if you are an experienced candidate. Basically, this is a summary which provides the detail of experience and skills of the applicant.

Accounting Work Experience

Must include your work experience in your resume in chronological order. These days, employers want to know about your awards and achievements along with your responsibilities, so highlight your achievements in the resume, not just lists of tasks.

Accounting Education

Must include your accounting education in your resume in chronological order. Include dates of graduation, educational institutes attended and their location, subjects studied, and any professional qualifications held.

Key Skills

This is recommended for all experienced accounting professionals to add a list of key skills in resume. According to our suggestion you must do something like this:

Accounting Team Leadership
Accounting Management
Managing billings and collections
Accounts receivables management
Preparing Financial Status Reports
Balance sheet Management

This Sample Accounting Resume drafted by MS Word will offer you a quick start on building a successful and optimized resume for your job submission. You can feel liberated to customize and modify this sample resume as per your requirement for the job.

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Sample Accounting Resume

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